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My name is Sam!

Welcome to

This site is for you the coach!

I thoroughly believe in the power of coaching and the possibilities which coaching can provide. It simply makes sense to leverage the knowledge of somebody who knows how to get the desired result that they are seeking, whether that be to overcome, expand, create, improve or achieve, there is a coach out there for everyone.

I am fascinated with coaching and the positive effect that you as a coach can have on the life of your clients. I deeply respect those who spend their life helping others to improve theirs!

Though not a coach myself I see endless opportunities and possibilities to learn new skills and overcome obstacles which prevent me from living the life that I want. Personally I usually reach out to a coach when I feel that I need to overcome a situation.

As a marketer, I am fully aware that people are ready to go to all lengths in order to solve a problem and are rather less motivated to achieve a result. However, there are so many new skills, improvements and possibilities to learn and achieve great things, we the people are simply not aware that we could improve in the particular area, field or expertise.

How many people understand that they need a productivity coach? Or a coach to help them balance work and life? These are two examples but there are so many more!

Also, there is so much noise out there in the coaching world! So many motivational quotes on instagram (I’m just as guilty as anyone else on that one) and so many people promising results without actually promising anything specific!

For example, what does improving performance actually mean? In terms of KPI’s? By 10% or 10x? What would creating a balanced life feel like and how do we know if we already have a balanced enough life right now?

That is the reason I created this site!

To interview coaches!

There are many coaching directories online which display a head shot of the coach, show their qualifications and email. But who are they? What do they offer? What do they teach? Why did they become a coach?

My mission is to provide a platform for coaches to talk to the world.

If you are a coach then I would love to interview you! For Free of course!

The interview will take place online and last around 20 minutes (Due to the internet out time span has fallen dramatically)

I will display a link to your website or a place where people can contact you if they want to know more about your services.

This is not a tough interview! I show no bias towards anyone! We will laugh and smile for sure! I can forward you a list of questions beforehand! My aim is not to put you on the spot in any way, but to put you and your services in the spotlight for those who are seeking your services.

My hope is that this will help more clients to find you and to benefit from your skills and services.

If you would like to be featured on my site, contact me below.


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