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    01/09/2019 - Roz Thornton – Amazing Women Global

    Roz is an award winning life coach, trainer, International speaker and Property investor. She uses her experience to inspire and empower women, parents and young people around the subjects of: confidence, careers and money. Roz is the founder of Amazing Women Global, she runs courses and training sessions for women & parents who are seeking to get back into the workplace, set up their own business. Today we discuss the difficulties people encounter getting back into work, finding a job that they love and enjoy and i satisfying. Roz is a truly inspirational women and this interview is a real eye opener.

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    14/08/2019 - Einav Avni – Untangled Coaching

    Einav Avni – Untangled Coaching In today’s interview we spoke to einav avni, a life coach helping people to transform their lives by connecting to their values, strengths and by guiding them to recognise how they can show up to life in a way that empowers them and connects them to their purpose. Einav taught […]

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    20/07/2019 - Kate Iroegbu – Triumph In The Midst Of Adversity

    Kate is a truly amazing lady who has succeeded in so many areas of her life, despite having to overcome difficulties in order to acheive them. She is a best selling author and life coach. Kate talks about her 8 key strategies that she has used to overcome adversity and succeed in her life. From an early age, Kate soon dicovered that she was the person that people would turn to for help and advice. Kate talks about seeing the opportunities which arise from within a situation of adversity. Kate helps people to understand the true meaning of adversity and how they can use it to grow and to become stronger! You will struggle to find anyone as passionate as Kate.

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    24/08/2019 - Zoe Parsons – Self Love After Abuse

    Zoe Parsons – Self Love After Abuse Today’s interview is with Zoe Parsons from Self Love After Abuse, she is Life and Relationship Coach who specialises in recovery from Narcissist and Domestic Abuse. We discussed how Zoe went from being in an extremely abusive relationship, where she experienced physical, sexual and emotional abuse to helping […]

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    20/08/2019 - Pascale Lane – You Fulfilled

    Pascale Lane – You Fulfilled Today’s interview is with Pascale Lane, a Relationship Coach based in south London. Pascale talks very openly and passionately about the work that she does with both individual women and with couples who are struggling with relationship issues. Pascale has worked in a social work capacity for 18 years before […]

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    16/08/2019 - Martin Fleming – Regain The Work And Life Balance

    Martin Fleming – Regain The Work And Life Balance Martin is a very inspiring person. He helps senior professionals to find the work like balance, enabling people to enjoy their lives more by finding the time to fit in the things which are important to them. Most professionals suffer from burnout and depression because they […]


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